Darcy Curry

A few fun facts about me – I currently live in Oregon with my chocolate lab Luna, I love hiking, skiing, floating on the river with the occasional drink, and most importantly I keep all the fellas at The Powerful Man in line!

I have worked with Doug Holt for 10 years now and have been involved with The Powerful Man for over 3 years.

I remember hearing about the incredible transformation that many of these men go through during The Activation Method and The Alpha Reset and I was thoroughly impressed by what this company was doing. I then saw messages that many of the wives and children of these men were sending to The Powerful Man thanking the coaches for the positive shift they experienced in their husband/dad and I was blown away. I knew I had to be involved as much as possible.

I had been involved with the personal growth world for over 5 years when I first started hearing about what The Powerful Man was doing and it was unlike anything I saw being offered. It was amazing to see how many men felt so alone, so isolated, and so powerless and we’re able to come together with men who felt the exact same way and all reclaim their power.

I do a lot of the behind the scenes work here from making sure the membership site is up to date to putting everything together for the weekly wrap up emails, and love knowing that everything little thing I do is helping contribute to the bigger vision of helping men go from feeling isolated and disconnected to thriving and in their power through The Powerful Man Movement.