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How to Eliminate the Unconscious Brakes That Hold You Back with Tim Matthews

In this episode Tim Matthews reveals how he discovered these lessons whilst developing a fast growing business and shares how his unbelievable persistence, hustle and grind came at a cost.

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How to Embrace Your Inner Power and Become a Powerful Man

Tim Matthews has an absolute genius in being able to help bring awareness to that powerful vision you have for yourself in your head and give you the power to be able to act on it.

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Trust Your Gut & Align Your Business With Your Purpose

On This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Tim got started in business and why he became an entrepreneur
  • How he built a fitness franchise in his early twenties
  • Why listening to his gut instincts caused him to change his business model
  • How to put yourself first and stop trying to please others at your expense
  • The 5 -step process Tim used to generate over $300,000 in sales in 6 months with no website and no list
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • An overview of the team and tools Tim uses to run his business
  • Specific habits and activities that are key to Tim’s success
  • Tim’s definition of success
  • Action steps for building a lifestyle business

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Powerful Man Potential

Tim Matthews is a men’s empowerment coach, speaker and founder of The Powerful Man. We discuss Tim’s journey as an entrepreneur and learn why listening to his gut instincts changed everything for him.

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How to Create More Powerful Relationships with the People Who Mean the Most

This week on the show, Tim Matthews joins me to help you improve your relationships, I review the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and my thoughts on speaking your life’s mission into the world. Tim and I discuss:

  • Breaking off his engagement even when he had the deep feeling of “nobody else will want me”
  • Learning to follow and trust your instincts
  • How he healed his relationship with his father and created a completely different dynamic with his family
  • Growing together in a relationship while you individually change and evolve

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Learn How to Become A Powerful Man

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What resistance feels like and how to break through it.
  • How to begin earning your worth
  • How it’s NOT clarity you want, it’s something quite different…
  • If you’re not where you want to be, don’t worry..
  • Why it’s important to give yourself permission.
  • How wearing a mask is the most debilitating to you soul’s growth.

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15-Tim Matthews

Tim spent his younger years “walking on egg shells” and feeling like he didn’t deserve what he was trying to achieve. But after having moments of awareness, noticing the distructive patterns he was living and following his gut instinct, he dropped everything (personal training business and relationship) and started doing things in the way he wanted to do them.

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The Powerful Man


  • The importance of listening to your gut feeling instead of your head
  • You can’t move ahead in your business if the foundations are broken
  • How personal events as a coach can help you serve and grow other people
  • Why we choose to take on beliefs that are not ours
  • Why a lot of men try to get love and connection through their business
  • Depression only happens when your life conditions don’t match your blueprints
  • You need something different, you don’t always need something more
  • Learn how it is impossible to feel rejected when you love yourself

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How To Become The Powerful Man

Tim Matthews is a mens empowerment coaching with the goal of helping 1 million men to live a powerful life, by being vulnerable, retelling the story that you’ve been telling yourself your whole life.

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5 Steps To Overcoming Auto-Sabbotage And Reaching The Next Level Of Income, Impact And Freedom

I’m really excited for this week’s episode of the Unleash Yourself Podcast because Tim Matthews opened a lot of doors for me. What I mean by that is that Tim helped me re-shape and re-think a lot of the feelings I was having and helped me overcome some paralyzing limiting beliefs. The reason why I love Tim’s story and message so much is because he focuses within and creates a very safe environment for vulnerability and growth.

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How To Find Clarity and Forgiveness With Men’s Coach

Tim Matthews is a hero at helping men chop down limiting beliefs and regrow their mindset into that of a powerful man who is able to achieve and expand with confidence and contentment. In fact, Tim calls his business, The Powerful Man because he understands how negative self-talk can be flipped into a positive empowerment tool. Tim is totally, 100 percent sold on helping guys reach their next level of happiness, income, success, freedom and impact, through transforming their mindset.

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast: Becoming your full potential with Tim Matthews…

On this episode, Tim reveals some of the ways he helps men be seen and get the connection they need. With that connection they can be honest and speak their truths, and live their truths. He asks them questions that help them detach from judgments, questions like what would your life look like if you had no judgment of yourself or others? What actions would you take? What would your relationships look like? He also shares how he helps men celebrate their victories, and do so without through food or alcohol or other numbing devices, and he shares the wins he’s had this week! You’ll hear all of that and so much more on this edition of the Sex, Money and Food podcast with Tim Matthews.

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Finding Your Inner Strength

Today’s guest is Tim Matthews who run the company called The Powerful Man. The Powerful Man supports one million men to reconnect with their powerful life so they can impact the world in a way they know they’re capable of doing. Before creating The Powerful Man, Tim’s first business was Fitness for Moments. He followed what “gurus” has taught him to invest in the external which he followed for years. This has brought him to struggle with his health, relationships and finances. When he sold his business that’s when he got his freedom. In this episode, we’ll dive into:

  • Finding yourself for the better
  • Tim’s incredible story
  • How Tim came about creating The Powerful Man
  • How to find your inner strength and courage
  • Keeping up with your principle in life and more!

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Finding Strength through Finding Your Inner Voice

Tim Matthews never believed he was good enough. After an incident with his father when he was 7 years old, Tim chose the belief that he wasn’t worthy or good enough of anything. This belief led him down a path filled with stress, struggle, and sacrifice. Despite this belief, he still aimed for success as an entrepreneur. After University he found personal training, and through that process found a pregnant women weren’t getting the same attention as his other patrons. This led him to build Fitness for Mom.

Twelve Minute Convos w/ Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews is the founder of “The Powerful Man”, he is a men’s empowerment coach, speaker and soon-to-be author! He is creator of the ‘activation method’ and he is a master at helping people to unleash themselves from the patterns of self-sabotage and negative self-talk.