The Nice Guy & The Slot Machine

Episode #330

How would you recommend “putting your foot down” in a calm way?

And what is Nice Guy Syndrome?

The psychology of slot machines is that, even if you don’t win something, you’ll still have the hope and expectation that you’re just a little bit closer. It keeps you coming back – hoping, expecting – and this is how addiction gets formed in gambling. It’s the rush of possibility.

Most guys at some point fall into the Nice Guy Syndrome. Constantly doing nice things, doing things for her, waiting for the dopamine hit, expecting and hoping for sex. Then, when they get their needs met and they get the attention and affection that they want, they turn their husband into a friend.

Recognize the state that you are in and get activated. Learn who you are, what you deserve, and how to stand in your power effectively. Get what you want without being a dick, but being a natural, powerful man.

In this episode, we are going to talk about the Nice Guy Syndrome, playing good cards and bad cards, how to “put your foot down”, get reactivated, and how to turn from being just a Nice Guy to a Powerful Man.


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