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Episode #90

In this episode, Tim and Doug discuss Tim’s conversation with one of the men from the brotherhood. He shared that this particular man has been hiding or living just to get by for the past several months after becoming a better man as a result of joining the brotherhood.

For the past 12 months, this guy achieved phenomenal things. To name a few, he landed a 6-figure deal in his business which is the largest in his company’s history, he reunited with his family, lost weight, is now picking up his kids from school and now has control over all aspects of his life.

Yet…over the past month or so, he has been doing ‘just enough’ to get by. He has been making promises but then not following through, especially in his business. His company has been receiving negative reviews for its poor customer service which Tim believes is a reflection of him not being there to provide presence and leadership.

Most men, if not all, experience this situation.

In business, for example, we are so used to hustling and grinding our way until we reach our business goals. And then when we reach those goals, we just stop working.

We take our foot off the gas. We settle. And two or three months go by, and suddenly we lose a client, and another client, and another client. By the time we take to look at it, the business is already burning down.

So we start to take action again, step on the gas again, hustle and grind until we build the business back up again. And then we settle again and then we burn it again and then build it back up and then settle again. The pattern goes on and on.

Until you figure out why you do this, why that pattern keeps on happening, where’s the source of it, you will be trapped inside this loop.

Get very clear with yourself. Are you being the man you know you can be? Don’t get stuck in the patterns that don’t serve you.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is Upper Limiting
  • What is Unconcious Commitment
  • What to do when you reach your threshold
  • The importance of recognizing the patterns that don’t serve you


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