We thought we wouldn’t make it…

There was a time in my marriage that neither of us thought this picture would have been possible… at least not together.

That time has come and gone. We went from not wanting to be in the same room as each other to getting excited to see each other first thing in the morning.

Life has a way of changing provided you put in the work.

Get a plan. Ideally a proven plan. Then work the steps.

It’s not always easy, but I find it much harder to be in a relationship that’s not working.

Either way, it’s work… you just get to chose which “work” you’re going to do: one that leads you to quiet desperation or one that leads you to happiness and fulfillment.

Being in a bad relationship is tough.

Doing the work to be in an amazing relationship can be tough.

Which “tough” do you choose today?

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